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Catalina Room Escape – Pirate Challenge

Quick Details

Public Guest Recommended for Ages 8+ • Ages 6 & Under are Complimentary • Minimum of 3 Guests

A Catalina Island Escape Room Experience like No Other!

  • The escape room phenomenon is taking the world by storm — you and your crew will love the Catalina Room Escape.
  • You have one hour to solve the riddles, discover the clues and escape from the room.
  • Bond with your family, build your team or have a good time with your friends.
  • Everyone’s skills will be needed to get you out of the room in time.
  • Great for small teams or family groups of 6-8 guests.
  • Solve clues to make your way through the escape room.

*Refunds & exchanges are subject to availability. Click here to read our cancellation policy.