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Maverick Helicopters

Quick Details

Passenger - One-Way Flight Ages 2+
Lap Child Under 2 Years Old • Must Book 1 Passenger First
Rates are per person. Maverick Helicopters is an on-demand service. Travel times will be confirmed upon receipt of the booking request. Rates posted are weekend rates Spring-Fall. Weekday and off-season rates may be less expensive per person.

Escape to an Island Far Removed from your Hectic World!

  • Need a romantic getaway for the weekend or a relaxing vacation? Whisk away to Catalina Island in just 15 minutes!
  • With Maverick Helicopters, you can start your romantic getaway, afternoon escape or week-long vacation in just minutes.
  • Enjoy aerial views of Catalina Island and the Southern California mainland.
  • Your flight departs from the heliport in Long Beach adjacent to the Queen Mary passenger terminal.
  • Rates are listed per person for public on-demand one-way or round trip flights.

*Refunds & exchanges are subject to availability. Click here to read our cancellation policy.