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IMMERSED: Ocean Wonders

Quick Details

Senior Ages 55+
Child under 2
Military Must Present Valid ID

Experience the oceans like never before!

This truly unique immersive experience takes you on a thirty-minute virtual “scuba dive” through the world’s oceans. Explore Catalina’s lush kelp forests, and get up close and personal with majestic whale sharks, soaring oceanic manta rays, inquisitive bull sharks, mesmerizing bait balls, playful dolphins and sea lions, and even a rare dugong.

Everything you will see was filmed underwater in stunning 8K resolution in full 360 degrees, capturing the entire moment from all angles. The footage is projected onto the inside of a dome screen that surrounds the audience, all set to contemporary music with guiding narration.

Our mission is to create immersive exhibits that drive wonder, curiosity, and a commitment to ocean conservation using cutting-edge technology. With this in mind, ten percent of your ticket price is donated directly to the amazing conservation groups affiliated with our filming locations, who strive to protect our precious oceans. Come and join us, and be IMMERSED.