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Three reasons you need to visit Catalina Island this summer

a dolphin jumping out of the water

Just in case you need a reason to escape to California’s favorite island paradise, here are three reasons to visit Catalina Island this summer.

The weather: Every summer, thousands of Southern Californians beat the heat by escaping to Catalina Island. With it’s ocean breezes and inviting beaches, Santa Catalina offers an ideal respite, which is typically about 10 degrees cooler than the mainland.

No matter what the temperature, the weather on Catalina Island is moderated by the ocean, with the influence of the Pacific keeping the high temperatures cooler in summer and the low temperatures higher in winter. Catalina weather also offers that island ambiance – no matter how warm it gets, it’s much nicer to spend a heat wave relaxing on the beach under swaying palm trees than trapped on the 405 surrounded by strip malls and parking lots.

The water: In the summer, the water is irresistible, whether you’re on a snuba adventure or plunging into the sea under the stars. The water temperatures begin to peak in the summer, with July and August typically seeing water temperatures in the low to mid 70s – just right for cooking off on a warm afternoon.

Summer also brings the biggest variety of water activities on Catalina Island. In addition to snuba, you’ll also discover that summer is the perfect season for snorkeling and experiencing scuba. Kayaking, paddleboarding and swimming are also idea summer Catalina activities as are parasailing and jet skiing.

The wildlife: From frolicking dolphins to majestic bison, Catalina Island offers some of the most amazing wildlife watching in Southern California. Bald eagles rule the skies and colorful garibaldi dart among the kelp fronds, while diminutive island fox charm visitors and playful sealions dart though the waves.

Want to see some of Catalina’s amazing wildlife? Jeep Eco-Tours are the perfect way to explore the interior and view some of the island’s terrestrial species, while the Dolphin & Sea Lion Excursion offers a great opportunity to spot marine mammals.

a group of people in a swimming pool

Snuba is one of many water activities when you visit Catalina this summer