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Three secrets to successful group travel to Catalina in the summer

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Summer on Santa Catalina is a magical time, when refreshing ocean breezes cool sun-warmed sands and the clarion call of island life seems irresistible. That irresistible clarion call means that summer is Catalina’s busiest time of year, making planning group travel during the season just a bit more challenging. Here are three secrets to making Catalina group travel plans a little easier in the summer months.

Plan ahead – If you are planning a group event on Catalina Island in the summer, one of the most important things to remember is to plan ahead. While you’ll discover a wide range of group activities on the island, you’ll also find plenty of other people enjoying those activities. Planning ahead will ensure that your group has the widest array of options.

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In the summer months, working with a knowledgeable Catalina group travel planner will help you avoid any major headaches. A local planner will be able to share the best times to travel as well as recommend activities and accommodations that may have the best availability for your group.

Make reservations – Summer time is not the time to wing it, especially when planning group travel to Catalina. It’s particularly important this time of year to make reservations for everything you possibly can. Accommodations and travel should be the first reservations you make for your group and those reservations should be made as soon as possible, up to several months in advance. Reservations should also be made for Catalina team-building activities and group dining.

Be flexible – During the busy summer season it’s particularly important to be flexible. Making your Catalina group travel reservations during off-peak times or choosing an alternate activity may be necessary. Consult with a local travel guide to learn more about what options are available.

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A Catalina group travel planner can help find the best activities for your group