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Take a virtual visit with Catalina webcam

a boat is docked next to a body of water

While you can’t actually visit Catalina Island right now, there are plenty of ways to have a virtual visit. One of the most popular ways to see the many things to do in Avalon is via a Catalina webcam.

Perched high above the city of Avalon, the Catalina Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau’s webcam offers a spectacular view of Avalon Harbor and the iconic Casino. It’s an ideal way to check the weather on Catalina, watch the boats arrive and see how busy the beaches are.

This interactive Catalina webcam lets you scroll back in time up to 24 hours, illuminating what’s gone on the day and night before. Recently, that’s meant seeing the red and white lights on the Casino, there to honor medical workers and first responders on the front lines of the current crisis.

Normally, Avalon Harbor is bustling place, with vacationers crowding the beaches and an array of boats crisscrossing the bay. Many of the things to do in Avalon start and end in the harbor. The Sea Wolf semi-submersible and the Moonstone glass bottom boat, both of which take explorers to see the undersea gardens at Lovers Cove, leave from the green Pleasure Pier. Webcam watchers also frequently spot parasailers getting a birds eye view of the island while soaring high above the harbor. In the summer months the Flying Fish Tour leaves from the pier in pursuit of these fascinating finned fliers.

Almost any view of Avalon Harbor includes the Casino and this Catalina webcam doesn’t disappoint. One of the most recognizable buildings in the state, it was built in 1929 and has come to represent Catalina to millions of visitors. Next time you visit Catalina, be sure to get an insiders view by checking it out on either the Discover the Casino Tour or the Casino Behind-the-Scenes Tour.