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Our Favorite Unique Things To Do on Catalina

a man holding a kite while standing in the grass

The island’s activities offer familiar fun for just about everyone. Catalina offers golf, massages, ziplining, kayaking, snorkeling and parasailing – just to name a few – but there are also several adventures that are available nowhere else.

Read on for our favorite unique Catalina things to do.

Casino Tour: Avalon’s iconic building is a one-of-a-kind destination that offers one-of-a-kind experiences. Take a tour of this historic landmark to learn more about its fascinating history and spectacular architecture.

a room filled with furniture and a table

Jazz Trax will fill the ballroom with the sounds of smooth jazz.

Catalina Eco Tour: Santa Catalina is like nowhere else on earth and this compelling adventure showcases the island and its flora and fauna. The off-road adventure is available in both two-hour or three-hour options.

Catalina Aerial adventure: This arboreal obstacle course includes mini ziplines, suspension bridges, climbing structures and more in the eucalyptus trees above Descanso Beach. Challenge your friends, your family or yourself with one of three levels.

Casino Movies: Seeing a movie in the Avalon Theatre is quite a bit different from visiting your local metroplex. This spectacular movie palace features intriguing murals, a historic pipe organ and classic films. Recently reopened and offering showings most weekends, seeing a movie in the theatre in Avalon is an experience not to be missed.

a close up of a painted wall

Discover Catalina Tile: For 10 years, Catalina Island was home to tile and pottery industry that crafted clay products that are still sought after today. This unique Catalina activity lets you create your own tile souvenir.

Guided Golf Cart Tour: Island visitors are always intrigued that golf carts are the primary means of transportation for Avalon residents. This unique Catalina activity lets you enjoy a guided tour of the seaside village via golf cart.

Glass Bottom Boat Voyage: Glass bottom boats were invented by intrepid Avalon fishermen who determined they could make more money showing off the island’s undersea gardens than by catching fish. While they’ve evolved from the original glass bottomed rowboats, Catalina’s glass bottom boats are still a great way to see beneath the sea.

a group of people riding on the back of a boat

Bison Expedition: North America’s iconic bison can be seen many places in the country – but only on one island. Venture into the island’s interior to see these massive beasts for yourself.

Unique things to do on Catalina in the summer

Discover Two Harbors: Located on the other end of the island from Avalon, Two Harbors offers a charming alternative island destination for a day filled with activities or just relaxing on the picturesque beach.

a bird standing on the side of a mountain

Catalina Falconry Tour: Catalina Island is one of the few places in the country where you can experience the thrill of having a hawk or falcon land on your fist.

Flying Fish Voyage: Each year flying fish arrive in Avalon, where their aerial skills have intrigued visitors for more than 100 years. Take an evening cruise to see these finned flyers for yourself.