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What to do on Catalina Island

on October 27, 2020

Thinking about a quick getaway to escape from everyday life? We’ve got just the place. Ocean breezes, wide open spaces and a captivating seaside vibe far removed from the ordinary. Intrigued? Read on to learn what to do on Catalina Island.

This southern California island offers a range of activities, including high-octane adventures and exciting experiences for the entire family.

See the interior: Don’t get us wrong, Avalon is awesome. This enchanting seaside village has more than its share of natural beauty, things to do and charming vistas. But it’s also just a tiny percentage of Santa Catalina Island. No trip here is complete without getting out seeing the rest of the island. We recommend an Eco Tour, an Interior Expedition or visiting Two Harbors.

The interior of Catalina Island

Take some time to relax: You’re coming to Catalina Island to unwind, take some time to do just that. Avalon is ideal for strolling, with peaceful streets and a compelling waterfront. Relax on the beach with a good book, take a nap or soak in the moonlight.

Avalon waterfront

Get some salt spray: On Catalina, you’re never far from the sea and those ocean vibes permeate every breath you take. As close as you are, you’ll want to take advantage of the island’s proximity to marine activities. Cruise along the surface in an ocean kayak. Check out the friendly denizens of the deep with a snorkel tour. Plunge even deeper and discover scuba diving.

Scuba Diving on Catalina

Learn something new: Catalina Island offers a vast and varied history that dates back thousands of years. Smugglers and pirates, soldiers and entrepreneurs, World War 2 spies and Hollywood glitterati all played a role in shaping this fascinating destination. Take a tour with a local to learn more. Whether via bus, golf cart or Jeep, there are several ways to explore the history and culture of this unique location.

Catalina golf cart tour



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