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5 Reasons To Take A Private Tour on Catalina

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With travel restrictions and COVID apprehensions making long distance travel less than appealing for many, the island’s popularity has surged – as has the popularity of private tours on Catalina. From bus tours to snorkel tours, travelers are opting for exclusive experiences with just their travel companions.

Intrigued? You’re not alone. Here are 5 reasons to book a private tour on Santa Catalina Island.

It can be customized: Most tours on the island offer a set route and an established spiel, but if you book a private Catalina tour the options can be tailored to your group’s specific interests and curiosities. Boat tours, tour to the island’s interior and more may also be adjusted for time.

It can be safer: Families that have been particularly conscientious about quarantine may find that a private helicopter to Catalina and private island tours offer a way to getaway without coming in close contact with others.

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There are plenty of options: A wide array of Catalina Island activities and adventures can be booked privately, including the Undersea Sub Expedition, the Sealife Safari and the Biofuel Hummer Tour, as well as the Catalina Eco-Tour and the Guided Snorkeling Tour. Please contact us at Catalina Tours for additional private island tours that may be available.

It’s surprisingly affordable: While you will pay a premium for having an exclusive tour, it’s not nearly as expensive as you may think. Depending on the tour, private experiences may be priced per person or per activity.

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You’ll have your tour guide’s full attention: With just a few of you to please, your Catalina tour guide will be able to answer every question and provide a more in-depth experience. You’ll also have the time to get a local’s perspective on life on the island and recommendations for the rest of your Catalina vacation.