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Three Things to Do on Catalina Island in the Winter

on January 30, 2019

Three Things to Do on Catalina Island in the Winter

Thanks to its temperate climate, Catalina’s seasons are much less apparent than those elsewhere. But for those who love the island, each season provides subtle differences that bring joy to visiting in different times of the year. If you’re here in winter, here are three things to do on Catalina Island.

Take a tour to the interior

Winter’s rains transform the island’s interior, creating a kaleidoscope of emerald and jade to replace the island’s usual golds and browns. This lush landscape, reminiscent of the island of Ireland rather than the island of Catalina, must be seen to be believed.

Take a tour that includes a visit to the interior to see this wonderland for yourself. Check out a Jeep Eco-Tour, a Skyline Drive Tour or an East End Adventure to see this remarkable transformation from the land.

Jeep Eco Tour on Catalina Island

Check out the greens!


See inside a landmark

It doesn’t matter what the weather on Catalina Island is doing outside when you are exploring the inside of one of Southern California’s most distinctive landmarks. With its massive circular ballroom, art deco theatre and nearly 100 years of history, the Catalina Casino offers a wealth of history, art and culture to explore.

Take peek on the Discover the Casino Tour or get a more in-depth look on the Casino Behind the Scenes Tour.

The Foyer of Avalon Theater in the World Famous Casino Building on Catalina Island

A tour in the Casino showcases the interior of this remarkable building.

Visit the Undersea Gardens

Catalina Island is famous for many things. Its long connection to Hollywood. Its magnificent bison herd. The charming seaside community of Avalon. It’s also famous for what dwells beneath surface. Undulating kelp forests, curious sea lions and bright orange garibaldi have all thrilled and enchanted visitors for generations.

Get your own glimpse at what’s beneath the surface on the Undersea Expedition or the Glass Bottom Boat Voyage. Thanks to wetsuits, you can also plunge into the marine environment on a Guided Snorkel Eco-Tour or go even deeper on a Discover Scuba Dive.

Undersea Expedition

Things to do in winter include the Undersea Expedition

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