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Five fun Catalina activities to try this spring

a herd of cattle grazing on a rocky hill

While there’s never a bad time to visit, the best time to visit Catalina Island is entirely subjective. It may be in fall, when festivals dot the calendar of events. It could be winter, when its hushed and unrushed. Or perhaps you prefer the bustle — and the heat — of summer. Spring offers its own myriad benefits, particularly in the interior. Here are our top five Catalina activities that showcase Catalina’s spring beauty.

Bison Expedition

While this Catalina tour is designed to find some of the island’s most iconic creatures, you’ll also have no trouble discovering the spectacular natural beauty that abounds throughout the interior. While in search of bison, you’ll go off-road aboard a H1 Hummer and see some of the island’s most scenic viewpoints. North American Bison, sometimes referred to as buffalo, are the largest mammals living on the island but they are not native here. While on the tour, you can also watch for the largest native mammal, the Catalina Island Fox, which is about the size of an average house cat.

an animal standing on a lush green field

Kayaking on Catalina Island

Paddling along Catalina’s spectacular — and serene — leeward side is an experience not to be missed. Watch for sea lions and eagles as your guide takes on a journey you won’t ever forget. Book the Frog Rock Kayak Tour and check it out for yourself.

a group of people in a boat on a body of water

Skyline Drive tour

This two-hour tour gives you a chance to get out of town and take a peek at what the rest of the island has to offer. You’ll visit the Airport in the Sky and along the way have a chance to check out Catalina’s verdant hillsides and abundant wildlife.

a close up of a flower

See wildflowers and more on the Skyline Drive tour

Catalina Eco-tour

One of the best ways to get out into the interior and enjoy Mother Nature’s spectacular spring-time display is on the Catalina Eco-tour. Guided by naturalist from the Catalina Conservancy, this unique tour takes you deep into Catalina’s wild lands, where you’ll learn about this unique eco-system while being awed by dramatic natural beauty.

a green truck parked in front of a car

Your Catalina Eco Tour will take a place in an open-air four-wheel drive vehicle.

Catalina Island Inland Expedition

You’ll have plenty of opportunity to see Nature’s bounty on the Catalina Island Inland Expedition, a classic tour that showcases the island’s wild interior. You’ll travel through some of the most spectacular canyons and stop for photos at scenic overlooks that will take you breath away. Along the way you’ll have plenty of chances to experience the lush hillsides and colorful wildflowers of spring.

a herd of sheep walking across a lush green hillside