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Steps for planning a Catalina corporate retreat

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Now that you’ve finally convinced your team that Catalina Island is the ideal destination for your next corporate retreat, what’s next? We’ve put together a few steps to make planning a Catalina corporate retreat a breeze.

  1. Decide how long your corporate retreat is going to be. While a Catalina day trip is an easy way to get your team out of the box, planning a multi-day escape will allow plenty of time to relax and reconnect between work sessions.
  2. Figure out how many people are coming. Will this just be your executive team? Are spouses and significant others going to be included? Knowing how many you are planning for will help you narrow down venues and activities on Catalina.
  3. Determine the time of year. Like many destinations, the island is in higher demand in the summer months. You will find many more budget-friendly options and Catalina discounts during the winter months.
  4. Decide on the mix between work and fun. Will your Catalina corporate retreat be all work and no play? On the other hand, it can be hard to justify a retreat if nothing gets accomplished. Finding a balance of unique team-building activities, relaxation time and productive work sessions can be the difference between a successful retreat and one that inspires your executive team to stay in the office next year.
  5. Get help. There’s no reason you should go it alone. Bringing in a local team will help you maximize both your time and your budget. Successful Catalina corporate retreats happen every day – working with a team like Catalina Tours will help make sure that yours is one of them.

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