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Best ways to see Catalina wildflowers

a close up of a flower


Even those of us who have lived on the Island for many years are in awe. This has been one of the best years for wildflowers on Catalina in decades. Thanks to generous, drought-busting rainfall, hillsides that have been brown, gold and dusty are now emerald, jade and lush – creating the perfect background for a veritable explosion of Catalina wildflowers. Shooting stars, poppies, lupine and more are just waiting to be discovered. Here are our favorite ways to get out of town and see nature at its most colorful.

Take a hike – With its rugged terrain and spectacular vistas, hiking on Catalina Island is always a pleasure, but wildflower season brings a whole new reason to get out and get moving. Catalina hikes range from a casual stroll up the canyon to several days on the Trans-Catalina Trail.

Go on a tour – If all that talk of hiking has you tired out already, give your legs a break and take a tour. Adventurous? Try a Hummer tour of the East End, where wild flowers will be combined with an off-road adventure. Looking to learn more and support the island? Join the Catalina Conservancy on a Jeep Eco-Tour and let a trained naturalist showcase the wild side of Catalina. Prefer to relax and enjoy the ride? Try the Skyline Drive Tour where spectacular views are the backdrop to learning more about Island history and culture.

a plant in a field of tall grass

Adventurers will discover a variety of wildflowers on Catalina Island.