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Planning group travel to Catalina Island

a boat docked at a dock

Group travel to Catalina Island – like group travel anywhere – can get complicated. Here are our top five tips to make planning a group trip to Catalina Island easier.

Choose your port. Ferry boats to Catalina Island depart from four different ports: San Pedro, Long Beach, Newport Beach and Dana Point. Decide which port makes the most sense for your group, based on proximity and frequency of travel. Helicopter travel to Catalina Island can be arranged from several Southern California locations.

a plane sitting on top of a mountain

Choose when. Long gone are the days when Catalina Island was a seasonal destination. This Southern California island welcomes visitors yearround. You can, however, anticipate some diversity in availability of activities at different time of the year.

Communicate. Catalina Island is not the same-old, same-old when it comes to destinations for group travel. Make sure you let your team know what to expect as far as travel, things to do on Catalina Island and expected itineraries. Your group travel planner can help with sharing a Catalina Island group travel plan.

Carpool. It’s not just the right thing to do for the environment, it will also save time and money. Parking costs at the ports average $17 a day; carpooling will save money for your team – money that can better be spent on the island.

Be Flexible. Most ferry trips to Catalina take about an hour, but that can be extended based on weather and marine traffic. The most common reason for brief delays? Cross-channel boat captains will slow for whale or dolphin sightings, which thrill travelers to the island. Disembarking and collecting luggage can also add time to your schedule. Make sure your group’s itinerary has a little extra time just in case of delays.

a dolphin jumping out of the water