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Things to do on Catalina when it’s cold


Burrrrrr. It’s cold outside.

Well, not really, but theoretically it will be eventually.

In honor of the fact that winter rolls around every year, here are our top five things to do on Catalina when it’s cold outside.

Escape! The newest activity on Catalina involves using your wits, skills and smarts to escape from a pirate’s lair. Escape rooms are sweeping the nation and once you’ve tried it, it’s not hard to see why. Fun for all ages, these mind-challenging experiences let you work together to solve riddles and puzzles to unlock the room and “win” by escaping.

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Relax. Who cares what the temperature is outside — a massage is the ideal way to infuse a little relaxation into your vacation. Unwind and feel the stress melt away by booking a massage while it’s cold outside.

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See a movie. No matter what’s playing on the big screen, the Avalon Theatre is worth seeing. This magnificent movie palace features spectacular art déco murals that are interesting as most movies – not to mention the fact that the movie theater is located in the Catalina Casino, one of the most distinctive architectural landmarks in California.

Take a tour. Warm up your appetite with the Avalon Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour, a journey through the culinary and cultural history of the island. Featuring a buffet of samples and an array of fascinating facts and quirky tidbits about the island, this tour is the ideal way to start off your Catalina Island experience.

Bundle up. There’s no reason to forgo most of the things to do on Catalina Island just because it’s a bit chilly. Wearing a wetsuit will keep you warm beneath the surface. A cozy fleece will ward off the chill in the interior. And if you forgot your jacket, Catalina’s many shops and boutiques are the perfect source for something that will not only keep you toasty, but also serve as an unforgettable reminder that Catalina offers an idyllic getaway no matter what the weather.

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There’s plenty to do on Catalina Island when it’s cold.