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Five things to do on Catalina when it’s hot

a man swimming in the water

It’s not often that the weather in Avalon gets too hot for comfort, but when it does there are plenty of things to do on Catalina that let you beat the heat. Take a look at our five favorite ways to cool off on the island.

Go snorkeling: It may seem obvious but getting in the water is the easiest way to cool off. While you can’t go wrong with swimming, snorkeling takes it to the next level. Bright garibaldi, schooling perch and amber kelp provide fascinating reasons to plunge beneath the surface and water temperatures in the mid-70s promise a refreshing experience. Check out the marine life – and cool-off—on a Guided Snorkel Tour.

Go kayaking: Kayaking along Catalina’s protected windward coast provides a wealth of experiences sure to become treasured memories. Not only is the proximity to the water cooling, slipping into the sea is an irresistible option on a Frog Rock Kayak Tour.

Go to the movies: For nearly a century, the Catalina Casino has stood sentry over Avalon Harbor, welcoming visitors with an architectural icon that has become an unmistakable landmark of the island. Each night, the Avalon Theatre, on the ground floor of the Casino Building, is home to first-run movies – and air conditioning, making it perfect way to cool off. J

Escape: One of Catalina’s newest adventures, the Catalina Room Escape, challenges visitors with riddles, puzzles and conundrums – all of which you get to solve in air-conditioned comfort.

Dine out: Many of Catalina’s restaurants, including Maggie’s Blue Rose, Steve’s Steakhouse & Seafood and Bluewater Avalon offer air-conditioning or ocean breezes. Check out several of them on a Catalina Food Tour.

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Ocean breezes are a great way to cool off when it’s hot