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The First Timers Guide To Parasailing on Catalina

a small boat in a body of water

Of all the things to do on Catalina, parasailing continues to be one of the most popular. Thanks to the island’s stunning scenery, the adventure is ideal for first time visitors and offers frequent island guests a great way to get a new perspective.

Once you’ve decided that parasailing on Catalina looks like fun, you’re bound to have a few questions – and we’ve got the answers.

Do I have to go by myself? Not at all. Two or three people can parasail at the same time.

When is the best time to go parasailing on Catalina Island? This is an adventure that is available year round, provided the weather cooperates. High winds, rough seas and heavy rain will force the operator to take the day off.

Do I need reservations? Definitely. Click here to reserve your flight today.

What should I wear? Dress for the weather. If it’s a warm summer day a bathing suit and bare feet are appropriate. On the other hand, if it’s a chilly January day you’ll be more comfortable with a sweatshirt and warm shoes.

Where will I take off from? You’ll take off and land right from the back of the boat.

a parachute with a body of water

What will I see? The views are awe-inspiring. You’ll see much of the leeward side of the east end of the island, including the picturesque city of Avalon. While there are no guarantees, dolphins are frequently spotted around the island and seeing these playful mammals while parasailing is an added thrill.

How high will I go? That’s up to you. Flights are available to either 600 feet or 800 feet.

Can I take my camera or phone? You can, but anything that gets dropped while parasailing is gone forever. It’s a better idea to let the captain and crew take photos for you. You can add-on a photo package and will get dozens of photos of your adventure along with some photos of Avalon.

I want to watch, but don’t want to parasail. Can I still go? Yep. Ride-alongs are available for $25.

Are there weight restrictions? Yes, the combined weight of those parasailing is a minimum of 200 pounds and a maximum of 450 pounds.

Will kids like it? Absolutely! Parasailing is available for everyone ages six and up and kids love it.

a person standing next to a body of water

Parasailing is available daily on Catalina Island

How long does it last? Your flight will last about 7-8 minutes, but depending on how many other adventurers are on the boat with you, your experience will last about an hour or so.

Will I get wet? You certainly can if you want to. When the boat slows, your chute will gently loft you toward the surface of the sea and you can dip your legs in before a quick acceleration by the captain pulls the chute skyward again. If you’d prefer to stay dry, just let your captain know ahead of time.

a parachute with a body of water

Who shouldn’t go parasailing? It’s probably not a surprise to read this, but if you are terrified of heights, a different Catalina activity might be a better choice. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other things to do. Unfortunately, due to the adventurous nature of this activity, it is not wheelchair accessible.

Anything else I should know about? There’s not a lot of extra space on the boat, so if you have luggage or large backpacks, you’ll want to use the lockers at the Cabrillo Mole to store your stuff. Be sure to bring cash to tip your captain and crew.

Ready to soar on your own Catalina parasailing adventure? Click here to book it.

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