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How to Plan a Corporate Event on Catalina Island

a group of people sitting at a table enjoying a cocktail at El Galleon

Whether you are a seasoned corporate event planner or stepping in for a special project, organizing a corporate event on Catalina Island can pose unique logistical challenges not typically encountered on the mainland. However, it also offers a wealth of distinctive experiences that can turn your event into a memorable one.

a group of people riding on the back of a motorcycle

  1. Choose the Timing: Selecting the right time for your corporate event on Catalina Island is a critical decision. Summer provides the most reliable weather and travel options but can be crowded, requiring a longer lead time for larger groups. Fall and spring are excellent alternatives, offering moderate weather and a range of activities. If you are on a budget, exploring the winter months might be your best option.
  2. Determine the Size of Your Group: Planning for a small group of executives differs significantly from organizing an event for a few hundred employees. Once you have a rough estimate of your group’s size, you can move on to other important decisions.
  3. Establish a Clear Budget: Irrespective of who is making the financial decisions for the corporate event, the person responsible for planning needs to have a clear understanding of the budget. This information will guide various decisions, such as the duration of the event and the activities to include.
  4. Create a Schedule: Decide how long your event will last. Is it an incentive trip that spans several days or a day-long team-building event?
  5. Plan Meals: Once you’ve determined the event’s duration, start thinking about meals. Do you need restaurant reservations, or should you arrange a special location with catering? Catalina offers a wide range of dining options, from quick breakfasts to high-end culinary experiences. For larger groups, you can choose from a plated dinner in a landmark building to a delicious buffet lunch at a private beach club.
  6. Consider Activities: Catalina offers a diverse array of activities. Understanding your group’s preferences will help you make the final decisions. Options range from exhilarating activities like ziplining, parasailing, and ocean kayaking to team-building experiences, including escape rooms, electric bike rentals, and food tours. If you’re interested in organizing a volunteer day, Catalina has several local organizations that would welcome donated time.
  7. Collaborate with Professionals: The easiest way to plan a corporate event on Catalina Island is to work with professionals. Catalina Tours, with over a decade of experience, specializes in arranging group trips to the island. Our expert staff can handle travel reservations, meal arrangements, and identify the best activities for your group. We can take care of all the pre-planning and reservations as well as meet your group at the boat and serve as your hosts throughout your trip.

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