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New year’s resolutions for group travel planners

a group of people wearing costumes

‘Tis the season for New Year’s Resolutions and if you are responsible for your company’s group travel times, there’s no better time than January to resolve to serve your team better. Here are our Top Five New Year’s Resolutions for group travel planners.

Start planning early. Procrastinating may pay off when you are planning personal travel, but this isn’t the time to hope for last-minute travel specials. Making sure your group travel plans come off seamlessly requires planning and preparation, especially if you are going somewhere that requires more than a just a quick jaunt down the freeway. Give yourself — and your team — plenty of time to work out all the details.

Communicate. You need to know what’s expected and so does the rest of your group. Listening and sharing plans will avoid last minute snafus. The time to find out your CEO gets seasick is not the day before your group is getting on the ferry to Catalina Island and you don’t want to schedule an afternoon of parasailing for your sales team if their manager is terrified of heights.

a small boat in a body of water

Parasailing is a popular Catalina Island activity [photo courtesy Island Water Charters]

Organize. Your team is relying on you to keep track of all the details, including confirmation numbers, itineraries and schedules. Make sure you have an organizational system that works for you. There are hundreds of apps for that — and there’s nothing wrong with going old school and using an actual paper planner.

a large ship in the water

Organization is key when arranging itineraries.

Innovate. There’s a reason “Been there, done that” represents don’t want to do it again. Your group is hoping you’ll come up with something new. Make this year the year you resolve to present something different, whether it’s a meeting on Catalina Island, a new team-building exercise or a unique opportunity for group bonding.

Be flexible. Let’s face it — things happen. Circumstances change, plans alter and even the best laid plans can go haywire. Being flexible and having a back-up plan can keep a minor snafu from becoming a major catastrophe.

a group of people sitting at a train station

Resolve to innovate and find something new for your team to do