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New activities on Catalina you need to experience in 2018

a close up of a painted wall

There’s always something new to do on Santa Catalina. Here are a just a few of the experiences we’re looking forward to in 2018.

Escape rooms on Catalina Island — The escape room phenomenon is sweeping the nation and once you’ve checked one out it’s not hard to see why. Perfect for Catalina team-building, family groups or just a cadre of friends, these brain-challenging experiences feature riddles, puzzles and mysteries, all of which must be solved within a certain time frame to “escape” from the room. Book your own adventure at the Catalina Room Escape — Pirate Challenge, eye patch and parrot not required.

The whole crew will enjoy The Catalina Room Escape Pirate Challenge.

Catalina Tile Experience — One of Catalina Island’s most lasting legacies were created on the island in the 1930s. Pottery and tile were crafted from the unique clay found one the island. Colorful tiles, beautiful pottery and other decorative pieces were created as well as utilitarian items like roof tiles. Today, pottery and tile from Catalina Clay Products are highly sought after, with collectors investing of thousands of dollars and aficionados paying hundreds for a single pitcher.

Learn more about the lasting allure of Catalina pottery while you create your own Catalina tiles in this new activity on Catalina Island. The Catalina Tile Experience will let you get your hands dirty — literally. Local potter Robin Cassidy offers a behind-the-scenes look at the artistry and craftsmanship of tile production. Your creations will be fired in authentic Catalina tile colors and sent to you.

a group of people posing for a photo

One of the most interactive things to do on Catalina Island is the Catalina Tile Experience.

Catalina Museum — Fresh off the unprecedented success of the Chihuly on Catalina exhibit, the Catalina Island Museum is following up with a series of tempting temporary exhibits while continuing their popular First Fridays evening programs. The first exhibit is by celebrated Mexican print-maker Jose Guadalupe Posada, who works influenced Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Posada’s works will be on display until April 8.