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5 fun Catalina activities to do in the fall

a large body of water with a city in the background

5 Fun Catalina Activities to do in the fall

Catalina Island in the autumn is magical. Events are abundant, the weather is wonderful and there are plenty of things to do. Here are 5 fun Catalina Activities to do in the fall.

Kayaking: It’s almost always a good time for kayaking on the island’s peaceful waters. Sheltered from the surf, the leeward side of the island provides a calm environment where even novice paddlers can experience this popular adventure. Gliding over kelp forests and witnessing Catalina’s spectacular scenery is an activity you won’t soon forget.

a group of people in a boat on a body of water

Catalina’s waters are ideal for kayaking.

Snorkeling: Warmed by the summer sun, Catalina’s waters are at their warmest in the autumn, making fall a perfect time for snorkeling. Beneath the surface, adventurers discover an exciting ecosystem brimming with marine life. Garibaldi, sheepshead and calico bass will surround you while amber fronds of kelp dapple the sunlight into a kaleidoscope of colors. Snorkelers can rent gear and explore Lovers Cove on their own or take a guided snorkel tour of the Casino Dive Park.

a man swimming in the water

Autumn is the perfect time for snorkeling.

Scuba Diving: Ready to plunge even deeper into the Catalina marine environment? Discover Scuba provides a first-time experience for non-certified divers. You’ll learn about the equipment needed for scuba during a safety briefing before suiting up and plunging beneath the surface accompanied by an instructor who will keep you safe while pointing out some of Catalina’s fascinating marine life. It’s the perfect way to learn more about this popular Catalina activity.

a boat parked next to a body of water

Wesuits keep scuba divers warm as they walk down steps into water at Casino Point, Catalina Island, California, Pacific

Escape room: If you prefer your activities on dry land, you won’t want to miss Catalina’s Escape Room. Perfect for groups of all kinds, the Escape Room lets you use your wits and wisdom to solve a series of riddles and puzzles to solve the room’s challenge. Popular throughout the country, Escape Rooms are renowned for bringing people together over a shared challenge. The Escape Room on Catalina features a pirate theme to add to the adventure.

a group of people posing for the camera

The Catalina Room Escape is fun for everyone

Happy Hour Tour: No matter what time of year you visit, if you’re over 21 and enjoy a bit of imbibing, you won’t want to miss the Catalina Happy Hour Tour. This two-tour experience takes you to Avalon’s best bars and restaurants, where you’ll get to sample specialty cocktails and award-winning appetizers, all while playing games and getting the low-down on the island. Expect plenty of fun and more than a few shenanigans on this tour, which takes place rain or shine.

a person preparing food inside of it

There’s never a bad time to take the Catalina Happy Hour Tour