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Top travel tips for Catalina Island group travel

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Are you planning a group trip to Catalina Island? Whether it’s an executive retreat with 10 members of your senior staff, an incentive trip for your top 100 sales staff members or a family reunion with 45 of your closest relatives, a little forethought and planning can help you create a memorable experience for everyone. Here are our Top 9 Tips for a Great Group Trip to Catalina Island.

— Know your team members’ limitations –If your CEO gets queasy just looking at a boat, booking a helicopter flight to the island is a thoughtful alternative.

— Anticipate your needs – communicate with venues in advance to make sure they have what you’ll need, whether it’s a projector, coffee service or a conference room big enough to accommodate your group.

— Include time for delays – It’s a small island, but just like on the mainland things can happen to throw a wrench in your schedule.

— Be flexible – As a planner, one of the best tools in your bag of tricks is flexibility. Being able to adapt if the situation changes will make your services irreplaceable to your team.

— Anticipate the limitations of your environment – Catalina’s cell and internet service may not be as fast or as reliable as that in an urban environment.

— Double check everyone’s calendar – You don’t want to be left holding the bag when you find out you booked an incentive trip the same week as the boss’s new product reveal.

— Know where you are going – Catalina Island is rugged and undeveloped – the perfect alternative to the mainland. Avalon, the island’s only incorporated city, is a seaside resort that offers shopping, dining, services and activities.

— Set your group up for success, not failure – There are a wealth of options for team-building activities on Catalina Island, but make sure you choose options that fit your team. Parasailing is not likely to be a positive experience for someone with a crippling fear of heights and snorkeling is not a good option for someone who doesn’t know how to swim.

— Include some down time – the reason you are planning a group trip to Catalina Island is to give everyone a chance to get out of their everyday routine. Leave room in the schedule for relaxing and enjoying the island.

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Jeep Eco-tours are a great way to explore Catalina Island