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Five Catalina landmarks that aren’t the Catalina Casino

a boat sitting on top of a building

For nearly 100 years, the Catalina Casino has been the island’s most iconic landmark. With its red-tile roof and Moorish influences, this dramatic building has come to define Avalon Harbor; overshadowing the other Catalina landmarks. Just to make sure you draw your eyes away from the icon, here are five Catalina landmarks that aren’t the Catalina Casino.

Holly Hill House: This distinctive Victorian cottage perches above the southeastern side of Avalon Harbor. One of the oldest buildings on the island, this private home was built in 1889 by Peter Gano. Lovingly restored several years ago, the home has been painted, photographed and sculpted for generations.

a boat is docked next to a body of water

Pier green has been Avalon’s signature color for many years.

The green Pleasure Pier: If the Casino is Catalina’s signature building, pier green is its signature color. Home to food, fun and perfect strolls both day and night, the Avalon Pleasure Pier is very much the center of things. No matter how far you roam from the island, you’ll always remember the feeling of those wooden planks beneath your feet.

The Avalon Tuna Club: The birthplace of sportsfishing was founded in 1898. Once home to icons like Zane Grey, Herbert Hoover and George Patton, as well as Hollywood luminaries like Cecil B. DeMille, Stan Laurel and Charlie Chaplin, today club members continue the tradition of responsible angling.

a small boat in a harbor

The Avalon Tuna Club is the birthplace of sportsfishing

Chimes Tower: Built in 1925 and presented to the City of Avalon as a gift from Ada Wrigley, the melodic chimes that emanate from this charming building have become an integral part of the Avalon soundtrack. Stretch your legs, walk up to the tower and enjoy the view.

a small boat in a harbor next to a body of water

The Catalina Yacht Club is frequently photographed Catalina Island Yacht Club: Located next to the Avalon Tuna Club, this white and blue building sports a distinctive lighthouse tower. A private club, CIYC boasts members from near and far, who enjoy the club’s facilities and beautiful views.