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Even more Catalina Adventures for the whole family

a man riding a skateboard up the side of a hill

Teenagers. The word alone is enough to elicit a sympathetic sigh and perhaps an eyeroll. But finding the right things to do for teens on Catalina Island can inspire smiles from your kids like you haven’t seen since middle school.

Knowing the right thing to do for your kids on Catalina — aka #Kidalina — means knowing your kid and their adventure level. Here are just a few ideas for a great time on the Island.

  1. Scuba dive – Catalina Island scuba diving is renowned. Amber kelp forests, diverse marine life and easy accessibility have made the island one of the top scuba diving destinations in North America. Kids as young as 10 can experience this fascinating activity with a Discover Scuba experience, but adventurous teens will appreciate the opportunity get certified and have a new way to explore the island.
  2. Segways – Older teens will love getting off the beaten path and exploring Avalon and its surrounding hillsides on a Segway. Easy to control and fun to ride, Segways offer a unique alternative available to those 16 and older.

Catalina Food Tour – Foodie teens will love the Catalina Food Tour, a fascinating tour through Avalon that includes savoring some of Catalina’s culinary creations. The three-hour tour is appropriate for everyone over 12 and provides a taste of the island’s culture and history as well as its food scene.

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a boat parked next to a body of water

Scuba divers walk down steps into water at Casino Point, Catalina Island, California, Pacific