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Top five relaxing things to do on Catalina Island

a small boat in a body of water

As summer begins to wind down, our thoughts are turning from the high adrenaline of the high season to slowing down the pace and relaxing – just a bit. In honor of that change of pace, here are our top five relaxing things to do on Catalina Island.

Trip to Two Harbors: Thanks to the Cyclone, transportation to Two Harbors is easier than ever. We love spending the day relaxing with food and drink at the new Harbor Sands, but it’s also great to do some hiking and maybe rent a kayak to paddle around a bit.

Have A Massage: There’s nothing like spending an hour letting the tension melt way with a great massage. The therapeutic benefits of massage are well known and we know we don’t have to convince you how great you’ll feel after an hour or so with a good Catalina massage therapist. Go ahead, book some time just for you – you deserve it.

a hand holding a baby

Getting a message is a popular relaxing thing to do on Catalina Island

Have a drink – or two – with friends: Spending some time with the people who matter is a great way to relax. Since it’s still warm, we love sitting on the beach at Descanso and enjoying a mojito (try them blended!) or hanging out at a favorite bar and catching up. We’re also fond of unwinding on the Catalina Happy Hour Tour.

Dine out: When the pace of life has been frantic, it’s always great to slow things down with a wonderful meal that someone else cooks – and cleans up after. Luckily there are plenty of Catalina restaurants offering up great dining opportunities.

Get outside and get moving: Whether it’s taking to the hills for a challenging hike or just going for a walk along the Avalon waterfront, spending time outside is the perfect antidote to a fast-paced environment. Bonus points for leaving your phone behind.