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Things to do on Catalina in the fall

a large body of water with a city in the night sky

While it’s no longer considered the “off-season,” the pace of life is certainly a bit slower on Catalina Island in the fall. The summer crowds have dissipated, the beaches are no longer covered with families and – every once in a while – there’s a bit of chill in the air. In honor of those changing seasons, here are our three favorite things to do on Catalina in the fall.

Visit the interior: Fall’s cooler temps make an always intriguing visit to the interior particularly appealing. We’re always up for a trip to the DC-3 Gifts & Grill for cookies and buffalo burgers but why not take the opportunity for a deeper look and check out the Cape Canyon Expedition, the East End Adventure or a Jeep Eco-Tour. Prefer things a little less off-road? The Skyline Drive Tour is a great option.

a group of people sitting around a car

The Jeep Eco Tour is always a fun thing to do on Catalina.

Take in the twilight: Dusk is always something special in Avalon. Once the sun sinks below the hills, Mother Nature seems to compensate for the lack of a sunset view with a particularly long and intriguing twilight. The golden hour lingers as if the island regrets bidding farewell to daylight, and it makes for a spectacular time to take a stroll along the Avalon waterfront or linger over dinner with an Avalon Harbor view. Check out this magical time and explore an Avalon icon at the same time on the Twilight at the Casino Tour.

a boat is docked next to a body of water

Avalon’s lingering twilight is irresistible

Relax with friends: Fall’s hushed and unrushed ambiance lends itself to quality time spent with those that matter, whether it’s a couple’s massage with your true love, a Catalina Happy Hour Tour with your besties or a long dinner with the family. Fall provides the perfect opportunity to carve out some time together before the madness and mayhem of the holidays.

a hand holding a baby

It’s time to relax with a massage.