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Parasailing on Catalina Island

a parachute with a body of water

One of the first Catalina activities that visitors see when they arrive in Avalon is parasailing. Whether arriving by cruise ship, Catalina ferry or helicopter, parasailing boats and their excited passengers are almost always seen in the waters just outside of Avalon Harbor. Catalina Island parasailing boats thrill thousands of adventurers every year, giving them a bird’s eye view of Avalon, Catalina Island and the Pacific. One of the many things to do on Catalina Island, parasailing lofts adventurers up to 800 feet above the sea, where they float suspended by a brightly colored parasail, the sea and the island spread out below them. Although not for those afflicted with severe acrophobia, Catalina parasailing is a surprisingly relaxing activity; so high up that sounds are muted and the cares of the world float away.

For many passengers, spotting dolphins on their Catalina parasailing trip is another highlight of the experience. Several species of dolphin are frequently seen in the waters around the island, including common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin and Pacific white-sided dolphin.

No experience is necessary before parasailing and the activity is open to those ages six and up.

Parasailing is just one of many things to do on Catalina Island – for more information about other Catalina activities please explore our website.

a small boat in a body of water

Parasailing is a popular Catalina Island activity [photo courtesy Island Water Charters]