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Fall Fest brings the Catalina community together

on September 24, 2016

One of the things that visitors to Catalina Island are fascinating by is the simple fact that what to them is a vacation paradise is – to about 4,000 people – home. Not only is the island one of Southern California’s top vacation destinations, it’s also a community that hosts a school, a hospital, churches, service clubs and all the assorted organizations that make up everyday life wherever you happen to live.

For those who live on Catalina Island, even everyday life is always imbued with a bit of island flair. Christmas trees arrive via barge. Storms sometimes mean a run on milk. And in October we pick out our pumpkins on the beach.

Fall Fest – one of two seasonal festivals that bring the whole town together – combines a pumpkin patch with a small-town community fiesta. Local organizations line Crescent Avenue, along Avalon’s picturesque waterfront, with food, games and fun, raising money and bringing the community together. Scheduled for the evening of Thursday, Oct. 20, Fall Fest is one of the many unique things to do on Catalina Island. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate the Catalina community – whether you live on Catalina Island or just love being on Catalina. Can’t make Fall Fest? There’s always that other seasonal festival that brings the whole town together – Spring Fest; scheduled for, you guessed it, the spring.

Fallfest on Catalina Island

Fall Fest on Catalina Island

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