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Everything You Need To Know About Jeep Tours on Catalina Island

One of the best ways to venture beyond Avalon and experience the wild side of the island is on a Catalina Jeep Tour. These open-air adventures will take you off the beaten path and to places that very few visitors get to see.

Frequent questions about Catalina Jeep Tours:

How long is the tour?

There are several options available. The 1.5-hour tour is ideal for those with a short amount of time who want an overview of the island. If you book the 2.5-hour Catalina Jeep Tour, you should expect to see a bit more and experience some off-the-beaten path adventures. The 3.5-hour tour is a nearly half-day Catalina adventure that includes several stops to see unique sights, isolated vistas and one-of-a-kind encounters.

What should I bring?

That depends on when you go. The Jeep Eco-tour is an open-air experience, so you will want to plan for the weather. For much of the year, we recommend taking a light sweater or jacket to mitigate the chill brought on by ocean breezes and wind-swept promontories. Sunglasses and sunscreen are always recommended. Snacks and drinks are welcome, so feel free to bring them with you. As far as what to wear, keep in mind that you will have several opportunities to get out of the vehicle and take pictures or explore, so comfortable shoes are a great idea.

Jeep Tours on Catalina Island

What will I see?

No matter where you go on Catalina, you will see spectacular vistas and unforgettable seascapes. There’s a good chance that you’ll see the island’s wildlife, such as bison and foxes. Your tour may include a stop at Catalina’s Airport in the Sky, where you won’t want to miss the cookies. There are several iconic viewpoints on the island: two of our favorites are the Summit and the Little Harbor overlook.

When should I go?

That’s entirely up to you. Private Catalina Jeep Tours are available all year long. In the summer, they offer a great opportunity to escape the crowds and experience Santa Catalina Island. In the fall, temperatures begin to cool and the crowds begin to dissipate. Winter offers a unique opportunity to see the island when it’s least crowded. And spring is the perfect time to immerse yourself in wildflowers and verdant hillsides.

Who can go?

Each of the Catalina Jeep Tour vehicles can accommodate up to six passengers, so it’s the perfect opportunity to get the family together or book an adventure with your closest friends. On the other hand, the tours are private, so if you and your special someone are looking for something just for the two of you, the Jeep tour is ideal. In fact, your tour driver will be happy to stop at some of the most spectacular vistas in Southern California, so if you are looking for an auspicious place to ask an important question, the Catalina Jeep Tour is an ideal option.

Jeep Tours on Catalina Island

What else should I know?

The Catalina Jeep Tour is frequently on unpaved, bumpy roads, so if you have a medical condition that may be aggravated by those conditions this may not be the experience for you. Kids are welcome on this tour, but you will want to reserve a car seat or booster seat for the little ones. Tour drivers can pick you up at your hotel or you can meet the vehicle at a central location. Gratuities are not included, but will be greatly appreciated by your friendly, knowledgeable driver.

How can I book?

That’s the easiest thing of all. Just click here.