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Budweiser Clydesdales come to Catalina

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The Fourth of July Parade has long been one of the biggest Catalina Island events of the year. With decorated golf carts, enthusiastic participants and the University of Southern California marching band, all frolicking along Avalon’s picturesque waterfront, the Catalina Island parade attracts thousands of patriotic spectators.

This year’s parade is themed From Sea to Shining Sea: Catalina’s Maritime Heritage and will also include some stars of the four-legged variety. The world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales – along with their beer wagon — will be making an appearance in the Catalina Island parade. Fans of the massive horses will have several opportunities to see them leading up the July 4th parade. They will be on the island from June 29 and will make a number of public appearances – and a few Catalina beer deliveries. Fans can also visit them at their temporary stable set up on the corner of Sumner Avenue and Beacon Street.

Budweiser’s famous Clydesdales – and the Avalon Fourth of July Parade — will be far from the only attraction on Catalina Island for the Fourth of July. A BBQ dinner and concert in the Casino Ballroom is always a favorite Independence Day tradition. And once the sun sets, Avalon Canyon will echo with the sounds of fireworks, with their rockets’ red glare reflected in the waters of Avalon Harbor.

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